Friday, February 27, 2015

Pineland cemetery query

From time to time I receive queries from folks trying to find the graves of members of their family long passed. Most recently I received a request to assist a genealogical quest for the cemetery holding the remains of those who died while residing at Pineland.

The Pineland cemetery was given over to the town of New Gloucester's Cemetery Association for perpetual care in 1997.

People interested in finding family members' graves can search the Pineland interments on record here:

The site also has information on where the cemetery is located.

I mention this because the site is a great resource for anyone looking for burial sites. As volunteers add to the site, more and more graves are available to be searched as they are indexed and photographed.

If you find yourself using the site, think also about adding your own efforts to the database. Every little bit of information added in might be the piece of a puzzle which helps another researcher link to their past!

For more information on adding to the site: