Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zombie Kickball rises again JUNE 10!

Paint for brains! Photo by Michelle Souliere, 2009.
Artwork by Carrie Vinette.

Oh boy oh boy! The grass is green on the Eastern Prom, and the skies are blue.

What else can that mean but IT'S TIME FOR ZOMBIE KICKBALL AGAIN!!!?

Break out the shin guards and parasols!

WHAT: Zombie Kickball VII!
WHEN: Sunday, June 10, 2012 @ 1:00pm
WHERE: Carter Field on the Eastern Prom, Portland

Sooner or later... he WILL get to 1st base.
Photo by Michelle Souliere, 2009.

Come dressed to play a rousing game of kickball with the undead! Spectators are welcome, as zombies when kept busy amusing themselves behind fences are quite entertaining. Weather is often variable, so be sure to check the forecast when arranging your costume. There has been a year or two when the victims' brains were mixed liberally with mud as rain started coming down.

Costumes are up to you -- are you a serious phase-three latex and rotten gore zombie? An oatmeal and red syrup zombie? The choice is all yours! Zombie hunters may also find this a excellent opportunity to don goggles and protective overwear for a little fun in the sun. Hey, if you're well-armored, why not join one of the teams? It's been done before. No one's been eaten yet. Family groups are also a popular team-costume option. Best family photo op EVER!!! Astound the relatives at Christmas. Believe me, they won't be expecting a holiday photo like that!

Take a peek at last year's zombie shenanigans:

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And above all, come ready to HAVE FUN!!! :)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

EVENT: Mother's Day mentalist show!

Well, the time has come again for talented mentalist Rory Raven to visit the state of Maine from his home base in Providence, Rhode Island. The show, conveniently for those of us with mothers whose curiosity gets the better of them, is being held on Mother's Day, next Sunday!

WHAT: Rory Raven Will Read Your Mind!
WHEN: Sunday, May 13th @ 7:30pm
WHERE: Lucid Stage, 29 Baxter Blvd, Portland, ME
COST: $15 per person. Moms in attendance will be given a flower and a free drink!
FMI: call (207) 899-3993 or visit

Here's a message from Rory: "Greetings! Welcome to the Theater of the Mind. I am your host, Rory Raven. Neither a psychic nor a magician, I offer a new and compelling experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen. I will read your mind, bend your spoon, and leave you talking about it for the rest of your life.”

Rory Raven is a mentalist, hailing from Providence, Rhode Island. He is also an author, historian, and leads The Providence Ghost Walk. Join us for this evening of other-worldly antics that will be sure to keep you wondering…

Bring your Mother for a bonding experience of a lifetime!