Friday, October 06, 2006

UFOs Over Midcoast Maine

This video, titled "UFOs Over Midcoast Maine," was posted to Google Video yesterday with the following description:
I shot this footage in August of 2000. I had been watching aircraft laying out grids with their contrails one afternoon. I got out the camcorder and did some filming. I switched on the nighvision feature "nightshot" and put on an IR filter to see how the contrails looked. These contrails are now refered to as "chemtrails". The first part of this video has a few still shots in the IR spectrum and then video of a cloud reacting to a close passing chemtrail. It appears like the cloud is sprouting roots or fingers downward. I zoomed in close to see what I could see and there appeared a slow moving light. The second light zips into view and then they go below the tree line.

I've had some former aviation professionals verify these lights as being in the sky and not insects or dust etc. The sky seems to be active still, I'm just not quick enough with my camera! [Source]


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the aliens who are telling Mainers to vote for Baldacci...

Anonymous said...

I took quite a few pictures of con/chem trails over the Naples/Casco area the last couple of days. Tonight I saw exactly what you are describing. At first I thought it was a bright star/planet. That was until it moved behind the treeline. Drove to the causeway in Naples and it flew right over my car and directly over Brandy Pond and then over Sebago Lake. Looked like a small Triangle, but all I could see was lights. Wacky.