Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weekly Photo: Horse-Drawn Milk

Our last photo was of a bunch of happy kids hanging out on the East End Beach raft, back in 1938.

Here is another photo from Portland's bygone days, courtesy of Abraham Schechter, who runs the Portland Public Library's Portland Room. This time our photo is from downtown Portland, in a park just off Congress Street, taken in 1942. This location is clearly recognizable -- let's see if anyone can pick it up! Click on the photo for a larger version to inspect details. The horse is really gorgeous. You probably needed that kind of strength to haul a wagon up and down the city's sloping ways.


Anonymous said...

Hm... Now that I'm not living in the city anymore, I can't cheat and go check it in person, but I'll eat my hat if that's not Lincoln Park there!

Michelle Souliere said...

DING-DING-DING! And we HAVE A WINNER, folks! Hooray, Rachel, you are exactly right. :)

Anonymous said...

*Phew!* I was frightened there for a moment -- I don't actually know any good recipes for hat!