Sunday, October 14, 2007

Local Urban Legends

Some local urban legends collected by Mark LaFlamme are up on the Sun Journal website. Some, like "All is Well," might better be called "rural legends."
Six years ago, a group of kids dared a pre-teen to explore an abandoned well behind an ancient barn in Sabattus. The well was at the far end of a long-forgotten cemetery and it was reputed to be haunted. The boy was eager to impress his friends, however. He agreed to be lowered into the well on a rubber tire attached to a sturdy rope. His friends, giddy with excitement, lowered the boy down and down and down into the dark hole until he disappeared into the blackness.

After there was no sound from below and no movement on the rope, they hastily decided to pull their friend back up. But what they hoisted out of the well was not the young boy they knew as their friend - the lad's hair had turned pure white, his eyes were dark and wild, and he trembled with unimaginable terror. He babbled and cackled wildly and appeared to have aged decades in the few minutes down in the darkness of the well.

The boy never recovered from his madness. He is said to shriek sporadically from his padded room in the county mental institution. [Source]


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Anonymous said...

I had totally forgotten about this story!! Its been years since hearing it but we used to drive by the place all the time on the bus.

Anonymous said...

Can't find any articles about this.... Has anyone else found anything?

Jon said...

Need more info so we can shoot a short about this. Any real sources? The link fails.

Michelle Souliere said...

Jon-- I would try contacting Mark LaFlamme via his website!

Keep us posted if you develop the video for viewing!!! :D