Monday, June 29, 2009

Zombie Kickball 2009 early reports

I've posted a batch of photos from this wacky romp in the mud here on Facebook -- please feel free to tag yourself if any of them happen to be of you! I have a few more to put up, but this should get y'all started.

The event was rain or shine, regardless of rumors to the contrary. In a wonderful surprise, a large crowd of players showed up, and an even larger crowd of spectators arrived shortly after, despite the weather. There was a lot of laughter and fun had by all, and a good pile of food and donations were collected for the Good Shepherd foodbank, so all in all it was a rousing success on all counts. Those interested in donating after the fact can contact the organizers through the MySpace Zombie Kickball page here:

Also, the Portland Press Herald did a full-color piece on the event in this morning's paper, which I can't seem to find on their website, but which has some cool photos. However, I did find the blog of Caraslifka's ZK4 photos, which are great as well. Huzzah!

Plus, check out this great video on YouTube:

Video by Mark High, soundtrack by Covered in Bees

My favorite parts of the day? Zombie EMT, all the tiny zombies, seeing everyone under their umbrellas grinning through the rain, MUD everywhere!, the gorey Dr. Killjoy and assistant, awesome painted zombie jacket art by Rad Jackets Cheap Money, zombie brain cupcakes by Bobbie, and people hula-hooping in the spectator stands. Hooray for zombies!!!

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Zombie Mom said...

Thanks for posting the great video and story. It was a blast!