Monday, February 15, 2010

Denture Rescue in 1908

The Daily Kennebec Journal reported on an interesting and almost unbelievable tale of denture rescue from the Victorian era.
The Washington County railroad has gone all the other railroads in the country one better in the matter of accommodating its patrons. A passenger one day last week lost a set of false teeth out of the window. The loss was reported to the obliging conductor, who stopped the train, backed to the scene of catastrophe, where the missing molars were found and returned to their owner.

[Source: Daily Kennebec Journal, April 10, 1908, page 6]
This is not the first denture-related Strange Maine story, as those of you who remember the denture-stealing mouse of 2007 will have noticed.

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Bobbie M Bowler said...

This is a great story. You have to love those denture stories. When I was about 10 my parents were redoing the upstairs of their old house. My father got sneezing because of the dust and his dentures flew out and went down a hole beside the center chimney. Because of this unfortunate event my parents soon discovered there was a third fireplace in the house that had been sealed up. Love your blog! :-) Bobbie