Friday, January 07, 2011


I ran across a listing for a vacation rental located in China, Maine. Interestingly enough, under the amenities is listed "paranormal activity." That's a new one on me!

Under "Other Activities," the listing goes into more detail:
The Old Maine Farmhouse is nearly 300 years old and it is not unusual to experience paranormal activity. Doors that open and close by themselves, footsteps in the attic, lights coming on or turning off, the television changing channels...scents and fragrances......are all things we have come to consider 'normal' for the Old Maine Farm. If you are bothered by this kind of unexplainable phenomonon [sic] we suggest you book the cabin. It has over 2200 sq feet of contemporary living space. It was built 5 years ago and doesn't yet have the rich history or the 'aura' of a building that has been around for nearly three centuries.

Well, even if it is all a ploy to get you to rent from them, it does look like a pleasant place to stay if the photos are any indication.

Here's the site listing the house as a rental:

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Audrey said...

Trippy! Bookmarked for when I have the clams to shell out on a week of ghost hunting...well, not hunting. Appreciating. :)