Sunday, March 20, 2016

BIgfoot in Maine update

Over the last two months I have been putting out the call for information on sightings of Bigfoot in Maine. The reason for this is to fill in the blanks in Maine's historic record when it comes to sightings within this state of large mystery mammals, specifically hominids.

I have had a reasonably good response, and have been able to add a few new incidents to the record. However, I would like to add more. Perhaps optimistically, I theorize that there are many unexplained sightings in Maine that are not on record.

If you or someone you know has had such a sighting or experience, please feel free to call me on my cellphone at (207)450-6695, or email me at -- or you can write me at P.O. Box 5302, Portland, Maine 04101.

For those of you who haven't had an experience of your own, but who are interested in what has been gleaned so far, I can tell you that I have one very interesting sighting from up in Aroostook County (and honestly I hope for more from this quarter of the state, along with the Allagash and Golden Road). I can also tell you that I have been surprised by multiple reports from the midcoast area.

I am very interested in speaking to more people who have had inexplicable experiences with large mammals in the Maine woods. The more interviews I can complete, the clearer the patterns and trends will become, I hope. Also, with more accounts, the historic record of Maine sightings will become more complete.

The end goal of this is to pull all these stories together, no matter how far apart in time and distance, in a single volume, along with Maine's historic sightings and cultural expressions of interest in Bigfoot. Because if one thing is completely clear, it is that Mainers sometimes encounter things in the woods that are not run-of-the-mill. And even if we can't figure out what exactly those things are, we are definitely interested in hearing more about them from people who have run into them.

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