Saturday, November 18, 2017

Call for info: Portland's haunted mansion... or castle?

Hi folks! I have a question that may be too far back for most of you, but just in case someone once upon a time told you a story about it, I figured it was worth asking. Does anyone have any stories/recollections of hearing about a so-called "haunted house" or castle on Munjoy Hill?

It's a crazy Gothic home that was just up the hill from the Observatory.  It was torn down in 1914, but I keep finding vague references to it being haunted (this may purely be because it LOOKED haunted). I know recollections about it were still lurking around as late as the 1940s/50s.

Any thoughts or loose bits of story rattling around would be appreciated, as so far I have very little to go on so far! Thanks guys!!!  ...also of course any other haunted house stories from Portland are always welcome!

Here's what the crazy thing looked like (in other words, no wonder it had a reputation for being haunted):


Anonymous said...

Nothing about Munjoy, but you might want to discreetly check in on the rumors of the older part of MMC being haunted, the upper 4th floors as I understand it. I was listening to some employees (cannot give any names) talk about what they saw there and of employees who quit after seeing things there. I googled this topic and came up with absolutely nothing. I was thinking that it might be nice if some researcher/writer could collate some stories and get it documented for posterity. I suspect you will be able to find some info over time and with patience and perseverance. Good Luck :)

Michelle Souliere said...

Thank you for that! I had heard from my brother, who used to work there, that there were some areas he got really weirded out by during his shifts, which took him all over the campus there.

If you would like to forward any further details to me, please do not hesitate to email me at -- I'd love to hear more. :)