Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sick of Heroin

The West End News reported in their latest issue that a prisoner in the process of being released from the Cumberland County Jail flubbed up his release in a remarkable fashion last week:
Portland police say that Nicholas Foley, 27, became sick at the Cumberland County Jail on March 12th and threw up 31 bags of heroin. Police also found nine bags of heroin hidden in Foley's cigarette pack. Foley was in the process of being relased from the jail after being involved in a dispute with another man over money. He was taken to the Maine Medical Center.
Wow, that's some homecooked dinner! Bleah...

I have different plans for getting myself into The West End News. More likely to involve skeletons and tombstones than heroin and barfing, thank you very much. Meanwhile, you all should really be using their website for some comments and discourse on what goes on around here! Really. Quit poking around on eBay for once and interact with some real human beings.


Chris Jart said...

How the hell does someone get 31 bags of anything into their belly?

Michelle Souliere said...

Hmm... they would have to be very small bags, I think.