Thursday, May 17, 2007

Weekly Photo: Cleanin' the Streets

Our last photo was of an organ grinder on Sherman Street in Portland, entertaining some of the local children. Here is another photo, courtesy of Abraham Schechter, who runs the Portland Public Library's Portland Room.

This time our photo is of another downtown Portland street, this time right on Congress Street, taken in 1942, the year in which German U-boats of WWII began harassing shipping boats on our East Coast. Click on the photo for a larger version to inspect details. Can you tell which highly-trafficked street corner he is stopped at?


Maine Artist said...

I have no idea what street it is. Great old photos though. L

Michelle Souliere said...

*grin* Thanks, L!

Here's a hint -- the camera is facing West, as near as I can tell, and the street you are seeing is the street just before it connects to Congress Street (i.e., if the camera had turned a little more to the photographer's left, you would see a bit of Congress Street in the view).