Thursday, June 28, 2007

A 'Bloodless War'? Check the books!

Ever wonder about mention you might have heard of "Aroostock's Bloodless War" over one of Maine's northern boundaries with Canada? Well, there's a great writeup about it over at the Strange Maps blog, complete with .... you guessed it .... a MAP!

Don't neglect to scan through some of the comments on the post, many of which are equally interesting.

While you're there, take a moment to pop over to another important Maine cartographical landscape -- Stephen King's Maine! Strange Maps did their second post ever on it -- yeah, Maine ranks up there.


Chris said...

The geography on the Stephen King map is a little iffy (Rumford shouldn't be above Mexico), but it looks like I grew up very close to Castle Rock. I wish I'd known that back when I was reading his books in the '80s.

Michelle Souliere said...

Chris-- Woah. Yeah, that would have lent an interesting element to the atmosphere... *grin*

One of the comments on their entry estimates that Jerusalem's Lot was around where Gray is. My dad taught at the high school there for years. Kind of glad I didn't know that then!