Sunday, June 10, 2007

Haunted Boothbay Opera House

The Ghosts of the Prairie has an interesting entry on the Boothbay Opera House:
The Boothbay Opera House
Boothbay Harbor, Maine

The Boothbay Opera House building was originally constructed back in 1894 and for many years, it housed the local headquarters for the Knights of Pythias, a fraternal order in line with the Freemasons. Later on, the building was turned into a theater and has hosted every story of entertainment imaginable for this small Maine town, including minstrel shows; plays; movies; town meetings and basketball games.... and if you believe the stories, it has also played host to a ghost.

No one knows who this resident spirit may be, although some have an idea, but he is said to haunt the second floor room that was the meeting place of the Knights of Pythias. Since 1949, visitors to the building have spoken of a strange presence in the room. It is usually said that the piano that is located here will play by itself, as if some spectral piano player is manipulating the keys. Different witnesses also recounted the same thing happening in 1957, during a town celebration and again in 1977.

Some believe that the ghost may be that of a man named Earl Cliff, who played the instrument for programs in the theater in the early 1900’s, but no one really knows for sure.

Boothbay Harbor is located east of Brunswick, Maine on the southwestern coast.

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Other mention of this haunted location online include a 2004 mention on a chatboard by member Gislebertus of an EVP from an investigation there: "The best EVP I ever heard was a tape I heard while we were investigating the Boothbay Opera House. The guy was from the New England Paranormal Assoc. played it and in the background you could hear everyone in the background talking about things that had been going on in the house... It was very informal and the people were sitting about 10 feet from the recorder. All of a sudden you hear this male voice go "HEY" clear as a bell and louder than the other people in the room. They didn't hear it at the time, it needed no enhancement as it was clearer than the other voices. When he played it, it freaked out one of my students so badly she had to leave."


Anonymous said...

my name is benjamin wells-goodwin. i was the person that started the investigations of the boothbay harbor opera house is 2003. i still have the video footage from the investigation. we held 3 investigations of a period of 2 years. bringin in many diff paranormal teams and even a medium. there is deffinatly a strong amount of activity here. i was there when the EVP was recorded. incredible!

another notible point: eric reeder was walking thru seating area of the house on the first floor. myself and a gentalman names sean of MPRA were video taping him from teh balcony. reeder was holding an EMF meter and both sean and i captured an orb soaring over reeders head just as he called out that he had a spike from 0.4 up to 6.1 at the EXACT moment we saw the orb. it was an experiance i shall not soon forget!

Michelle Souliere said...

Hi Benjamin! Thanks so much for adding that note -- it's always great to hear firsthand from folks who have been to these spots. :)