Monday, October 17, 2005

Hallowell Mystery??

A call for information--

Longtime rumors hold forth that there is a spot on the Kennebec River as it runs past Hallowell, Maine, where the bank has been seen to glow green at night. This spot is supposed to be the location of an early massacre, and sources say that there is a plaque commemorating this sober occurance at the spot. Sources also say that this local legend was an inspiration for Stephen King's "Tommyknockers" green glow.

The next time I head up there I'll check it out myself, but if any of you know anything about this, rumor or otherwise, I would love to hear it.


Anonymous said...

I am a former Hallowell resident. The town is old and once was connected to Augusta, Maine (the capital). Over some disputes involving bridges, Hallowell divided and became one of the country's smallest cities. Augusta remains and has grown. The masacre you may be describing is of Captain Purington's family. He killed eight of his nine children and his wife. Only one son escaped him. The Midwife's tale (PBS) documentary and book has some information about it. Pretty gruesome tale. I know of no other masacre's but I could be unenlightened regarding one.
Good luck with your search.

Katie said...

I live in Hallowell, so I will definitely be sure to check this out sometime! Finding the plaque would be sweet.

Michelle Souliere said...

Thanks Katie! Definitely keep us posted if you find it in your travels. :)