Friday, February 23, 2007

Strange lights continue to perplex Mainers

More reports of strange lights in the sky—this time in Somerset County.
They saw 'strange lights in the sky'
February 23, 2007

ANSON -- It was about 7:30 Wednesday night when Gehri Rinaldi took time out from her son's 14th birthday party. She went outside to the front porch and lit a cigarette.

That's when she saw the strange lights in the sky. In all directions.

By the time the UFO show was over, Rinaldi and her son, Dalton Mosher, had seen weird, inexplicable sights.

"I saw four of them in a row, and I went, 'wow,'" Rinaldi recalled. "The lights were reddish-orange. I called Dalton out. We looked left and saw two more. And then we saw them going through the trees. That's how low they were."

The family's experience was one of at least four reported Wednesday -- all at about the same time and in the same general area -- to the Somerset County Communications Center.
The Vermont Air National Guard was conducting practice maneuvers in the area on Wednesday, but Somerset County Sheriff Barry A. DeLong hasn't ruled out UFOs. He's seen one before.
It happened back in the 1970s, when he was on patrol one night in Bingham.

"I didn't want to talk about it," DeLong said. "I didn't want people to think I was crazy."

DeLong said the lights he saw were not far from the ground.

"They were hovering about 15 feet from my cruiser, late at night," the sheriff said.

"It had fixed lights that were spinning. It was huge, and oval-shaped. I knew it wasn't a jet fighter. It slowly started backing off toward Sugarloaf, and then at a terrific speed." [Source]


Anonymous said...

Hi all, My two daughters and I also saw these lights and watched on the side of the road for nearly two hours or close i would say.

At first I said that light must be a planet and then suddenly it shut off... and reappeared closer and brighter. Then we saw three... very close together.. I thought is that a tower? There aren't any over there? T

They seemed to start out like stars.. really bright and then would brighten up. They were coming from all directions.

We were on the road heading out of fairfield center towards Norigdgewock... when we saw, we pulled over near fields so we had quite the expanse of a view. You could see them come and go.. sit stationary it seemed at times.

WE also saw what looked like a meteorite fall off in the direction of madison area? maybe. And lights towards skowhegan area... and out in front of us.. anson maybe. and there was one off the back side of us.. towards oakland area maybe.

They were all over. We watched this for what seemed a long time. We had pulled over around 7:30 and didn't get home to madison until close to 10 PM.

WE sat there a long time, until one flew towards us and over. That one was a trianglar shape and was low enough that we saw its shape and it had a blue light on one wing, a red light on another, and a white one in front. This one i thought may of been a military plane.

At one point we had a car pull up behind us "Are you seeing this?"He says, "My wife and kids are freaking out?"

I don't know what they were, nor do I know if I believe in alians. Altho I am not crossing that out.. we have animals in the sea, in the wild.. and in the unseen world to our eyes.. who knows. But they were strange lights like I have NEver seen before. They were like stars or planets. who knows but I find this all interesting and would love to hear more accounts... just curious. Thanks.

Michelle Souliere said...

Kennethc43-- Thanks so much for sharing your account with us. It certainly sounds like something to remember for the rest of your life!

It would be great if we could hear more firsthand accounts from folks! Thanks Ken!

Unknown said...

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