Saturday, February 24, 2007

Thank goodness for zombies!

Well, I've gotta say that getting Friday off from work and going down to Biddeford to slave myself to the zombie masters of Emptyhouse Films was about the best thing I've done yet this year. I've put up a ton of behind-the-scenes photos here on my site. Go now, and feast your eyes on this magnificent horror!

I spent about 6 hours doing makeup, putting white Mehron liquid base foundation on I'd guess around 20 zombies (I seriously lost count). My job was to make sure no sign of living flesh remained -- not an ear, not a neck, not a face, not a hand, certainly not an arm, and not even cleavage. It was a really interesting and gruelling experience. Ross and Kristina did all the fancy stuff -- he put on latex and flesh wounds and basic toning, while she finessed everything and added final shading, blending, and other effects. They kept up with the demanding pace and really worked their fingers to the bone. Bob Dipitriantonio did his own makeup on the remaining segment of the zombies, applying facial appliances to them and generally making some really gross messes out of their formerly pleasing faces. Yech!

Chris Wallace was there all day Saturday when 80+ zombies were rampaging about. She took a ton of great photos and posted many of them on her site as well. Many thanks to Andy Davis and Olin and all the rest of the Emptyhouse Film crowd for fostering such an open and accessible filming experience, and to all the actors and crew who really made the days come together as a whole with all their hard work, even in the most FRIGID of temperatures!

Ross Kearney lets us know that all is well in the land of zombie filmmaking.

All photos by Michelle Souliere.


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cool... me and my brothers wanted to be in this, but we didn't hear about it until it was to late to sign up for it :(