Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A personal approach to haunting

Joshua Fisher e-mailed me back in December to say hi and to let me know about his blog, which is focused on his own exploration of a spirit he believes contacted him in Evergreen Cemetery in Portland. Throughout his investigation, and more recently through his blog, Sarah Haskell's Ghost, Josh has done a ton of research, and been contacted by some of Sarah's relatives with further information.

For those interested in doing their own independent historical research, whether as part of a ghost-hunting investigation or simply for genealogical purposes, reading Josh's posts will give you an idea of what is involved, and namely, how tenacity in research is your best resource. When one lead dead-ends, find another to move onto. In most cases, it is this technique that will be fruitful. Be patient, realize it may take a while, and settle in to get to know your research subject!

While some of you may find Joshua's paranormal pursuits a little stranger than standard research, the blog is worth a read regardless.

Photo is from Josh's blog.

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