Friday, January 11, 2008

Zombie Bliss

In spite of the cold, and the rain that plagued Portland up until about an hour before the event, the Emptyhouse Film sponsored zombie march was remarkably well-attended, with about two dozen folks present, many in zombie makeup. Channels WMTW-8 and WGME-13, as well as the Press Herald were present. I heard that some other local papers sent reporters, but I'm not sure who else was represented.

Biker zombie and daughter enoy the pretty lights in the trees around the square (photo by Michelle Souliere). See a few more photos here on Flickr, mostly before and after the march (one must try to stay in character during these things!). No word on how the clientele at David's responded.

Fun was had by all, and as the event broke up, happy promises were made to meet again tomorrow night at the big Maine Film and Music extravaganza at the Merrill Auditorium! Ahhh, zombies.

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