Monday, January 07, 2008

Zombie March on Portland this Friday !

For our Strange Maine Readers - Just received this morning, via MySpace:
Hey all you zombie brothers and sisters! We are now at the one year anniversary of the Zombie casting call that we held for “2”. We thought it would be an awesome time to have a Zombie March on Portland!
Friday night, January 11th meet us at Monument Square in Portland at 7:30 pm for a walk you’ll never forget! Dress up as your favorite zombie and join the crowd!We’ll be taping this for the special features on the “2” DVD and we are scheduled to be on WCYY at the same time, we also hope to get some TV cameras out there so you can get on the news!
Please email our good friend and “Zombie Wrangler” Shawn French at and let him know you’ll be coming to join us.The more the merrier, so bring all your undead friends, relatives and co-workers. Let’s make this an event to be talked about!
Also, don’t forget that we will be showing MONSTER IN THE WOODS and “2” at the Merrill Auditorium on the 12th. Covered In Bees (see also: )and Live Studio Audience will each perform a set and there will be special guests like Tim Sample. Call Porttix at 207-842-0800 to score your tickets.
Special Thanks to Mordicai Sulk for the artwork on the attached flier! His work can be seen at
has updated their homepage with lots of movie goodness too; if you have a chance, check them out!We look forward to seeing you on the 11th and 12th! Please repost this as many places as you can, MYSPACE, boards, etc!
Andy Olin and John


Jessica Moreau Berry said...

OK...I have to say that I have a new favorite blog. I am a bartender in central Maine, and though "life is good" here in Maine, it is also indeed quite "strange".


Michelle Souliere said...

Thanks Jes! It's true, isn't it? ... that truth is stranger than fiction. :)