Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pet Cemetery haunting on A&E

First off, I apologize for not posting this info until after the airing of this show, but I only found out myself after the fact!

A&E is the latest station to pilot a ghost-hunting related series. Their series is called Paranormal State, and follows the investigations of the students who run the Penn State Paranormal Research Society.

This past week, on Monday, January 7th, they aired the "Pet Cemetery" episode, which takes place in Maine:
Ryan and his team investigate the bizarre haunting of a woman and her dog in isolated Waterboro, Maine. The Labrador was chewing at her own fur and standing on guard on the bed, growling at unseen figures. Her master, Sybil, began hearing strange noises. As PRS discovers, Lucy may not be the first canine to experience the phenomena--at least four other animals died violently on the property. PRS unravels the mystery culminating in a gruesome discovery deep in the woods.
For those who missed the show, the episode is available in three installments on YouTube (start here with Part 1).

Viewers may also be interested in reading the A&E message boards about the episode, where prior residents of the house and other locals are weighing in.


Alicia said...

I stayed in this house 2 times with 2 of my friends. It was errie and a bit scary. But we made it through the nights. We got some neat photos of some unexplainable things too...

Anonymous said...

Hello. Do you know the road that house is on in Waterboro?