Friday, March 09, 2007

Become a Ghostbuster

Central Maine Reasearchers and Investigators of the Paranormal (CMRIP), one of Maine's official TAPS Family members, is looking for a few good members to join their group of ghosthunters. They are looking for field investigators and researchers. The guidelines for membership are posted on their website, here.

Jason Porter, lead investigator and founder of the group, states, "We have been around for about a year now and are looking for serious people that can make a commitment to the field of paranormal investigating."

The mission of the group is as follows: "Our goal in trying to prove whether or not ghosts exist is to gather and seek information on paranormal incidents to help us have a better understanding of ghosts and hauntings. In the process of reaching our goal we also wish to help any individuals experiencing problems with the paranormal." Services are provided at no charge to clients, although donations are accepted towards operating costs.

This announcement is posted as a public, informational service. Our blog is in no way affiliated with CMRIP. Other organized Maine paranormal groups are welcome to send their press info to us here for posting, we'd be glad to help spread the word when we can.

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