Friday, March 02, 2007

San Diego Dismemberment Murder

A Maine native, Allen Burton Hawes, was reported this morning on WCSH-6 News as being the victim of a vicious murder in San Diego, California.
Suspect In Murder Of Maine Native In Custody
The Boston Globe also had this to say:
Hawes, who has family in Maine, was shot to death sometime after Feb. 23, when he was seen on a surveillance camera in a supermarket checkout line, police said.
On Monday, his torso was found floating in the Otay River. Early Tuesday morning, a tow-truck driver discovered a head in a trash bag off Interstate 5, and a few hours later, a freeway crew found a hand on the side of a road about 3 miles away. Both are believed to be from Hawes' body.
A suspect has been arrested, though authorities still confess ignorance as to the motive of the killing. NBC SanDiego stated that "Police arrested Gerald Michael Nash, 61, Thursday at about 6:15 a.m. in front of the Ever So Naughty Adult Theater and pornography shop on Palm Avenue in Imperial Beach. Nash lived in a small house behind the shop and worked there until a couple of months ago, police said." [Source]

The NBC SanDiego link given above also features a slideshow, including grainy photos of the found body parts on site and a still from the store surveillance camera that showed the last documented contact between Hawes and the living world.

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