Friday, March 16, 2007

Strange ball of light in western Maine

I found a new post online that relates a man's account with a strange light in the Maine woods back a couple of decades ago.
Western Maine Unusual Ball Of Fluorescent Light Travels Through The Forest
Posted: March 12, 2007

... I am a retired scientist and during my long camping trips in a remote area of western Maine, I like to read about natural science and try to put the pieces together. My son and I were on a trip about 25 years ago at that location during the winter. On a cold still night, we went for a walk after supper and as we walked down the road, a ball of fluorescent light, maybe 2 feet in diameter, crossed our path about 30 feet away. We were both quite surprised and watched it move off into the forest. We immediately looked for any signs in the fresh snow but found nothing. We proceeded down the road for a while, then turned to return.

When we approached the same area, the light appeared again, crossed our path and disappeared into the forest. At that point, my young son became scared since we were over 5 miles away from anyone else. I have never seen anything like it again and I often walk after dark. ... I don't think this experience qualifies as a UFO sighting but it was certainly unusual and unexplainable.

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