Friday, March 16, 2007

Strange work, if you can get it.

For those of you who wonder about what the Strange Maine store is all about, and how it merges with the philosophy of this blog, I am pleased to announce that my interview with Brendan Evans is up on the Angioplasty Media site as part of their relaunch issue. This webzine issue is devoted to Work -- who works, why do they work, and what work do they love and/or hate? These questions and more are answered.

Please click here to read the interview with Brendan Evans, filled with fascinating details about him, to whom I credit much of my impetus to start this blog. To give you a sample of the marvels revealed, here is an excerpt of a quote from Brendan:
Sometimes I'll find things in the basement. I found this hand-typewritten original manuscript about the secrets of the Great Pyramids, written in the 1930s, and it had all this weird mathematical conspiratorial information in it. There was no author, no point of origin, just a couple of vague mentions in the text about the Great War, instead of World War I, so I'm assuming it was pre-World War II. Weird.

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