Friday, March 16, 2007

Evacuation Route via Colon

Well, thanks to a most excellent gentleman, that being the Rev. Jack Zall, I have news of the odd for you. As he says, "Not quite a ghost or bigfoot, but plenty strange." Yes folks, a giant colon is paying Maine a visit, escorted by the finest in Down East humor. Through today it can be found at the Bangor Mall, then Saturday and Sunday it will be at South Portland's own Maine Mall. According to WCSH-6:
It's called the Colossal Colon and it's 40 feet long and four feet tall. You can crawl through it, or walk along the outside. The mega-model shows several examples of different diseases that affect the colon. Eastern Maine Medical Center and the Maine Center for Disease Control are putting on the display. Comedian Tim Sample is the honorary spokesperson. Sample and others are stressing the importance of getting regular screenings for people 50 and older.
The Colossal Colon (affectionately known as CoCo), is not Sample's only current project. According to his website, "I’m also getting ready to perform (with the Augusta Symphony) a Maine humor version of Peter and the Wolf."

Click here to see photos and read Jack's brief post.

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