Friday, March 27, 2009

1956 tale of two skulls

Here's another mystery for you folks. I found this when researching another story. It's all very mysterious! I hope I can find more about it, but in the meantime, here's the first tidbit for you. Anyone who recollects this story is invited to add anything they have as a comment!
Two Skulls Found in Naples, Maine
First One Was in Load of Gravel
NAPLES, Me., May 25 (AP) —

A second human skull was found today near the Bridgton town line, the sheriff's department reported. The first report did not say whether the skull was that of a
man or woman.

The first grisly find, which rolled out onto a new section of U. S. Route 302 here yesterday in a truckload of gravel, was that of a woman.

The woman's skull, still bearing some hair, was turned over to a pathologist who reported on superficial examination that it appeared to have been buried a long time.

The area where the skulls were found may be an old burying ground, the sheriff's office said.

Deputy Sheriff Charles Norman, Jr., said the skull was that of a young woman and had "quite a lot of hair on it." The upper teeth were intact and in good condition, he said.

Sheriff Allen H. Jones said he had turned the grisly find over to Joseph E. Porter, a medical examiner and pathologist, in the hope of determining how old it is.

Source: The Lowell Sun
Lowell, Mass., Friday May 25 1956, pg. 1


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