Tuesday, March 03, 2009

X-Country skiing gets rough

Charlie from Dixfield, Maine, runs a blog called Travels with Charlie. I noticed in his latest posts an account of a hit and run accident (on skis!) during the recent 24th Great Caribou Bog Wicked Winter Ski Tour & Race. He admits:
I rounded the next turn and promptly mugged a little old lady tourer who was too slow to respond to my "Track!! Track!!" I regret that in these circumstances, the race must go on, but if the victim, by some strange coincidence, reads this blog---I am truly sorry, both for the mugging and not stopping to see if all your bones were all unbroken.
I hope we've upped his chances of getting his apology to its victim.


Anonymous said...

Thanks--truth is, I'm really not such a bad guy.


Michelle Souliere said...

Hey Charlie! :) I didn't think you were. Your mention of the incident as a "mugging" definitely painted an interesting picture! These things just happen sometimes...