Sunday, November 13, 2005

For Sale: Haunted Life Size Doll

Someone is selling on eBay a "Haunted Life Size Doll" with a Maine connection. Here's part of the description:
The story behind this doll is a man named James Herrington met and married a woman named Karen they were married and her husband was crazy about her, Karen was killed in Maine while on a trip to visit her elderly mother. James was heartbroken. Karen was killed in 1998. James found the doll and couldn't believe how much it looked like Karen. After bringing the doll home James hired people who promised him they could do a spell to get Karen's spirit in the doll. James treated this doll like a queen always dressing her in the best clothes. In 2002 James died sitting at the feet of his Karen.
James' sister came into possession of the doll, and contacted a psychic medium to get in touch with her brother through the doll. It all got too scary for the sister when she "kept having dreams of the doll being mad because her clothes hadn't been changed."

The seller advises that "If you are afraid of haunted item's please do not bid."

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Chris Jart said...

Another great post! That is super creepy. I'm a bit alarmed that when James died, Karen's hand was on his head. Maybe she killed him! As if having a living spouse isn't enough work, now you've got to take care of a dead one? Hey lady, if you can walk around, you can change your own clothes.

Michelle Souliere said...

It all got too scary for the sister when she "kept having dreams of the doll being mad because her clothes hadn't been changed."

Wow. That sounds too weird to be made up! I bet Slappy the Ventriloquist Dummy would love to have met her!

Strange.... I love those weird auction items.

Dolls are such fetishy items anyhow. My husband has an elderly family friend up in Northern Maine who collects antique dolls (in a very serious fashion), and every year her Christmas card is a photo postcard with "the twins" sending their holiday greetings. She even signs the card from them as well as herself.

The twins are her two favorite dolls, and each year she dresses them up and takes a photo of them doing something (drinking tea together, etc) for the card. I'm fairly sure that they are her surrogate daughters.

Michelle Souliere said...

Okay-- after looking at the ebay description, I've got to say it's even creepier, because the doll is life-sized!!! Ohhh... pure weirdness.

I noticed no one wanted to own her.

Too creepy? Or did the $500 price tag scare them off? Hard to say. I can't imagine I'd ever want a doll that demanded to be re-dressed regularly.