Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Speaking of strange local films as we have been lately, it might be a good time to mention that Lobsteroids is available for viewing at the Streets of Portland website. Poor viewing quality, but the mad scientist speaks clearly from his lab on Peaks Island, so it's worth a gander!

Speaking of Streets of Portland, tunnels, and all that good stuff -- I'll be exploring the facilities there tonight when I accompany Tristan, as Eggbot has a gig there tonight. Rumors abound of a load-in trek below the Congress Street block that is 1/3 of a mile long. We'll see!!! I'll bring my camera, eh?


207 said...

Check it out! The original crew has conspired to create a crew cut version of the film - using the original screenplay!

Lobsteroids, the movie? 2011 Crew Cut will be available fall 2011.

visit lobsteroids.com and lobsteroids.blogspot.com FMI

Michelle Souliere said...

AWESOME news!!! :)