Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Witch's House, Maine

If you go to the Library of Congress' "American Memory" site (very similar to the Maine Historical Society's site mentioned by Chris W) and type the words "maine" and "witch" into the search box, at the top of the list that comes up are two photos taken by Carl Van Vechten entitled "The witch's house, Maine."

The photos, dating from 1936, depict a collapsed Maine house in a field with bare trees. They are stark and eerie. No location is given.

One wonders if Van Vechten was creating a pictorial scenario and imagined the witch himself as a motif that would generate the mood he was witnessing, or if some locals told him that the structure was a witch's house.


Chris said...

It looks like Carrie's house at the end of the movie, halfway toward sinking to hell. Even I have to admit--that's spooky.

Chris Jart said...

Wow! The pictures take on a whole different meaning when you use the word witch in conjunction with them. All of a sudden it seems eerie and spooky.