Friday, November 18, 2005

Tales From the Crypt

The Kennebec Journal reports that human remains stolen seven years ago from a crypt in Readfield will return to town on Monday.

Two skulls were stolen from the crypt of the Nortons — Readfield's oldest family — in 1998.
Collin Sweatt and Nathan Morin, both of Readfield, were charged with breaking into the crypt and stealing jewelry and at least one skull, which police believed was passed around from person to person at parties.

One skull eventually was found at Mount Hope Cemetery in Augusta, between floral arrangements; the second was found buried near a Readfield stream.

Sweatt was sentenced to five years in prison, with all but six months suspended, on a burglary charge, plus nine months for abuse of a corpse. He also was handed four years of probation.

Morin was sentenced to nine months in jail for abuse of a corpse and was ordered to stay out of graveyards as a condition of his three-year probation. [source]
As a genealogist, I have to say that staying out of graveyards for three years would be cruel and unusual punishment.


Chris Jart said...

As if stealing a skull from a graveyard isn't bad enough, if he ever needs to report his convictions, he's got to admit to "abuse of a corpse." Yeeeck!

Chris said...

Maybe they should start a Corpse Abuser Registry. I'd hate to have living one in my neighborhood.

For anyone with a curiosity as morbid as mine, here's the Maine statute on corpse abuse.

Anonymous said...

It was actually just another case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I received 5 years of probation, and all but nine months suspended also. Your information is wrong. I never stole jewelry or anything else valuable from the crypt, and I didn't STEAL a skull. It was just a shitty circumstance for a kid to be found in and I had no way of explaining it as I still don't that would suffice for the masses.

Anonymous said...

Collin you piece of garbage, you did steal the skull, you DID steal the jewelry--I know because you TOLD me you did. And where do you get off calling yourself a kid? You were 21 at the time, and you were as much a MORON then as you are to this day. You're garbage. Kill yourself.

Anonymous said...

Didn't steal anything but a skull. And it wasn't premeditated. Was done in a moment of panic. The only person I told anything about this to was the person who eventually ratted me out and f*d my life up. Thanks for that. It was in a letter, trying to explain how everything went down and apologize for everything. We were close friends so I thought, and your reaction to the situation hurt me quite deeply at the time. I was naive enough to write a letter inadvertently admitting to what I had done, never thinking that someone presenting themselves as so strongly against snitching would become a hypocrite.

This shit haunts me to this day.

You have no idea who I am, though you may know my name.

Tkoe said...
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