Sunday, November 27, 2005

Maine UFOria

A few highlights from the National UFO Reporting Center's UFO reports from Maine:
  • Brewer (June 9, 2004): "What I saw was a 3D cube floating above the ground oriented standing on end. I dont believe that it was rotating. The only way to describe the outer surface of the object is to say that if you took video footage of a large sheet caught in a rising thermal (the sheet fully spread out and tossing in the thermal) and projected that footage on the outside of the 3D cube... that is what I saw."
  • Gardiner (Aug. 4, 2002): "The plants (grasses and fescue with goldenrod, Queen Anne's Lace, clover and milkweed) were fairly gently laid over, with the thicker-stalked plants such as milkweed clearly showing bending at the base. No broken stalks were found. All plants were swirled clockwise and it could not be determined whether the swirls had begun in the centers or ended there. The initial impression of the crop lay was of fluidity, with a clear undulating character to the flow of downed plants."
  • Scarborough (Aug. 8, 1958): "I was climbing a tree in a neighbor's yard. The land sloped downhill from where I was. From that high vantage point, I could see across a forest that was intersected by a meandering power line that was probably 1/4 to 1/3 mi away from me as the crow flies. There were two sets of lines, and there on the ground was a saucer-shaped disk with a dome on top. The craft appeared to span most of the distance between the stantions so I would guess it might have been 50 feet across."
This site has well over 200 first-hand accounts of UFO sightings in Maine — well worth a peek even if you're a skeptic like me.

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Michelle Souliere said...

I've heard a few interesting stories from the Loring Air Force Base area about UFOs poking around some of the missile silos up there... I'll see if I can unearth anything when we trek up there at Christmas.

Whoa, nellie.