Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Zamphini Monster's Screen Debut

Here's one more critter for Loren Coleman to track down.

MUD, an independent film debuting Friday in Portland, definitely has a Strange Maine plot. It's also the first feature-length film shot in Maine in high-definition digital video.

Here's the gist:
At the heart of MUD lives the LaPann family. A hardworking father, a stay at home mother, two young boys and a daughter. The family has a history of alcoholism, an affliction that just seems to keep passing itself down to the next generation. When he was 5, Kevin LaPann's father Carol discovered strange tracks in the woods. He poured plaster into one and brought it home.

Measuring in at just over 14 inches, he discovered what he would later call the "Zamphini Monster" and devoted his life as well as a small shed on his property to discovering more about this mysterious being. [Source]
See the press kit for more info on the "Legend of the Zamphini."


Michelle Souliere said...

!!! What?!! How did I not hear of this? Okay, it sounds great. Where is it playing? I couldn't find any listings for it. [scavenges yesterday's issue of "Go" and finds an interview with the director] Oh, I see, it's an invite-only premier.

*sniffles and feels neglected*

Drat it all... I hope some local theaters pick it up!! The trailer looks great. The last line about "...ask you where you found it?" and the kid whispering "...Then we'd be in trouble." really clinches it.

Maybe I'll bug the Nickelodeon.

There's an interview with the director in yesterday's "Go" magazine, if anyone is interested in reading it!

Michelle Souliere said...

I really shouldn't post when I'm not awake yet.

repeating myself and being garbled!

Perhaps tea and a molasses doughnut will fix it?

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm....Molasses donuts. True New England! If you can give me any leads on where to get some good's appreciated.

-Lorette LaPanne

PS: Thanks for the good words and thoughts on MUD!

Michelle Souliere said...

Tony's Donuts does a pretty good molasses doughnut. :) Yum!

Anonymous said...

You're a saint! And right in my backyard....on behalf of me and my family (because they have to listen to me whine when I have these cravings) Thank you!