Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Anderson Cemetery, Windham

The Maine Ghost Hunters have been busy! They recently blogged about their trip to Anderson Cemetery in Windham, and it looks like it was a great expedition. Like any cemetery, it has some interesting history associated with it, but the cemetery also includes a number of highly unique gravesites. (Photos available on their blog.)
The reason we did a pre-investigation of the Anderson Cemetery is because we've been made aware of paranormal activity that has taken place here for quite a few years. We've heard about weird mists, plasma, strange sounds, apparitions, orb activity, and other supernatural occurrences. We did a dry run in an impromptu attempt at capturing EVP's, and took quite a few daytime pictures at the location, some of which yielded a few question-worthy results.
The Maine Ghost Hunters' official site is located at

Illustration (c)Michelle Souliere.


Maine Ghost Hunters said...

Hey! Thanks for mentioning us in your Strange Maine blog. We're stoked and honored at the same time! MaineGhostHunters is gearing up for some great Fall adventures with new investigations. We invite you to come back and visit us some time, check out the evidence, and maybe chat it up in the forum.

Hope to see you soon!

Michelle Souliere said...

No problem! My pleasure, really. It looks like you guys are doing great work.

Anonymous said...

I've been to Anderson plenty of times at night and it is one of the creepiest places I have ever been to. I have caught pictures of creepy faces on my digital camera and plenty of mists. This place is by far one of the most haunted places I have ever been to. I urge you to go back at night and see what you can catch!

JusTiN said...

i also have been to the anderson graveyard at night. I have been told that there is an old abandoned house right next to it as well. One thing i remember specifically, I was walking through the rows of gravestones with a couple of friends, and kept hearing strange noises in the woods, and across the graveyard. Chills went up and down my spine. Then, one of my friends had told me about the where-abouts of the haunted house, and a minute later we heard a "sirene" type sound, that seemed very out of the ordinary, start going off. Then it stopped. A couple minutes later it started up again for about 5 seconds, then stopped again. This was the point that we decided we would leave. :)

SMPS said...

Hi! I'm the leader of SMPS (Southern Maine Paranormal Society)
I think you did amazing work on Anderson, but I too have done some work too. Me and my team went to Anderson at twilight and came over alot of mysterious things. For instance, we heard indian war cries and repeatidly saw a black figure run behind trees. When we were about to leave, our car died and the locks went up and down none stop. Finally we got an officer, who takes thermal images every night, to help us turn our car back on. I hope you explore many more places.

-Evan Roberts
Leader of SMPS

joel said...

I visited the cemetery with a friend hoping to experience something strange. Not much going on there. We did see a few bats if you want to count that as being "creepy". Maybe it's just me but I think some people are letting their imaginations run wild at graveyards.

Anonymous said...

We visited here tonight and was most definitely very creepy considering it was pitch black.... We did here some thing that sounded like heavy breathing over by the "mound" we got many pictures with orbs and 1 picture that resembles a young boys face and a few others that look like there are shadows in them, and not your normal run of the mill shadow... It felt eerie the whole time we were there and when we were walking back to the car the interior lights came on by themselves and at that point we got out of there as fast as we could!