Monday, September 22, 2008

Spirits Alive October tour schedule

OCTOBER 2008 EVENTS at the Eastern Cemetery in Portland:

Friday 3rd, 5:30pm -- Portland Trails " Discovery Trek"
Saturday 4th, 10:00am -- Art & the Elements
Sunday 5th, 1:00pm -- Earliest Portland: The Eastern Cemetery's Unmarked Past
UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Walk Among the Shadows tours have been cancelled for this season due to a lack of actors.

Join Spirits Alive for some outdoor meanderings on the grounds of this historic graveyard! Meet at the Congress Street gate of the Eastern Cemetery. Admission is $7, and $4 for students, seniors (62 and up) and children under 12 are free. Please have correct change or check. Tours last about 1 hour and will be canceled if it rains. All funds raised go to the Eastern Cemetery. Check the tour schedule.

History of the Eastern Cemetery - stroll through 350 years of the Eastern Cemetery’s intertwined past with the Portland peninsula in this local history-laden tour.

Earliest Portland – The Unmarked Past - in 1632, settlers began arriving at the place we now call Portland. No buildings remain standing from that time. The open land of Eastern Cemetery is an appropriate site to learn about some of the events of the 17th and early 18th centuries that occurred within sight of the cemetery while they shaped Portland’s indomitable spirit.

Art & the Elements - a fascinating introduction to the geology of the Eastern Cemetery, including markers and monuments; a brief introduction to early mortuary art (as seen on the stones), and the effects of the environment on the site.

Walk Among the Shadows - October tours featuring eerie, adventurous and hilarious stories from Portland’s past. They will feature actors appearing as famous (and infamous!) Portland characters under the luminescence of an early evening moon. Adults $10, children 12 years and younger are free.

Spirits Alive is a non-profit organization that supports public access to, events and education, and a master conservation plan for Portland’s Historic Eastern Cemetery.

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