Friday, September 05, 2008

mystery photo !

All right, fellow Maine Olympians !

Here's a track meet photo (the original is a Kodachrome slide) taken in 1954.
The image can be clicked to show the full sized scan.

Can you guess where this is ???


C Neal said...

It's Portland somewhere in the Bayside neighborhood - you can see the cathedral on Franklin on the left, and the City Hall tower right behind Purple Shorts's head.

Maybe it's the east end of Deering Oaks, and all those buildings in the background were torn down for freeway construction?

Josh said...

It looks to be close to where the AAA Building on Marginal Way is today...or Enterprise!
Cool pic!

Anonymous said...

I just wish the photo was taken a few seconds later so you could see the kid on the end who is trying to jump hurdles in jeans bite the dust...

CL said...

It's in a field in the middle of a town!


Anonymous said...

I'd guess Marginal Way, where the highway is now.

Anonymous said...

Probally near Haverty Buick, near where the Ms Portland Diner was, you can see the Car Wash toward the estate (where USM is today).

(I was thinking a field near the Ball Field around Deering Oaks but those two other buildings Time and Temp are not where they would be in that case).

I think a field that was taken when 295 was built, somewhere near Bayside, where the Snow is now put. or slightly toward that area.

Good picture.

speculator said...

Wow! Lots of sharp eyes out there!

The hurdle-jumpers are in the northeastern end of Deering Oaks, along Forest Avenue. The C.E. Noyes tire shop across the street occupied the 195 Forest Avenue address- between Kennebec St. and Marginal Way. Today, there's an Enterprise car rental agency on the site. The skyline was much simpler in 1954- you can even see the First Parish steeple from Congress Street (at the center.