Friday, September 12, 2008

mystery photo from South Portland

A new-old mystery photo to enjoy this weekend....
The picture was taken in the Redbank Village housing development, in 1947
(and can be clicked for a larger scan).
What is going on here ?

Dare to venture a guess ??


Krister Rollins said...

It's the Children's Theater! He's cuing up some sort of music on a portable record player for the next performance. I'm guessing something either messy or acrobatic since the kids are roped off.

Dawn Fortune said...

1947 or 1974? Shirtless children? Color photograph? Women in shorts (in background)? Looks more like 1974 to me. Other than that, I couldn't tell you what it might be. A guy getting ready to do a demonstration with some equipment, possibly at some kind of fair. But you knew that.

Unknown said...

Having lived in Redbank from 1945 until 1973, I remeber as a small child in the early 1950's the Childrens' Theater productions which were held in the middle of the playground between the Community Building and Redbank Elementary School. As a small child I was enthralled with these productions.